You are never alone, God has your back. We listen to it often. But when we face a tough time. Do we really react like this? Why we give someone or some situation so much importance. If we really have faith in God there is no point to crying. I learned this after many experiences. When we start giving importance to ourselves & the universe, Our attention comes to us. 

I remember when I was so dependent on others they never took so much interest to talk. Even, I was always there for them. And never understand, why they are showing so much attitude? I always ignored that attitude, I thought that’s their nature. But actually, When we become so co-dependent these types of things start to happen. But after some experience, I learned what is self-love & self-worth. actually, we feel alone when we become habitual to someone or some atmosphere, situation, also. & When we suddenly cut off then doing let-go is difficult until you don’t make your mind. So be strong. It’s safe for you to be in your own power.

Know Your Self-WorthYou are never alone God has your back

I am not talking about ego But have some respect,  If someone does not give you what you deserve, make yourself strong. Don’t beg anything to anyone. Give focus to be deserving & you will receive everything in life. Sometimes, we trap on lack of understanding. We think everything will change without doing anything, Others realize our value. Until & unless you don’t realize your value nothing gonna change. So, firstly you need to understand. If some person & situation not serving you, understand that’s not meant for you. Let-go, Walk away. Whatever is possible but don’t be stuck.

Be Your Best Friend– Who can understand better than you? Your thoughts, emotions, feelings, share with your self. When people don’t understand us we get irritated or we start putting fingers on ourselves. Why? Be your own best friend. Sit with yourself, have a sip of coffee &write everything your thoughts, your feeling. No matter, it’s good or bad, respect your feeling. Burn out whatever is negative. Accept your shadow side also & ready to change. 

Love Your Own Company Are you enjoy your own company? Can you spend time with yourself?  It’s a very small thing &we are used to underestimating it. Trust me, It’s very important when you start to give time & spend time with yourself. Your happiness graph becomes much higher. Try it &  you will more happy to see the result. 

You are never alone, God has your back. Don’t drag yourself. Sometimes, we deserve much more what we think. So, have faith in the universe & yourself also. & in the meanwhile work on yourself. Enhance your personality. Learn everything that you think it’s necessary for you & see the magic of the universe. Take control of your life. Don’t lose your power. Neither for any person nor for any Situation. Come back into your power. 

How To Find Peace & Calm In Hard-Time

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