If you really want to improve your health, finances, relations, or spirituality even. Work on the root. Because that is only a permanent solution. You need to take control of your life.

Everything is connected with our inner world. If we feel lethargic and lazy outside, That’s the reason would be inside. Whatever you feel for yourself deeply, it affects your outer world.”

I’ll give you some quick & interesting tips. Where you can work immediately without other’s help. You work inside and you will see the reflection outside.

CHANGE YOUR MOOD-You need to take a control of your life.

Don’t enjoy in a bad mood. Some people used to take advantage of their stuckness. They try to get sympathy from others.

Oh! I m very sadly. What can I do? The situation is so bad. Nothing in my control.

Knowingly or Unknowingly if you are doing the same. Stop it. Right now. You need to take control of your life.

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How To Find Peace And Calm In Hard-Times


Peace is something that you can’t find outside. If you find peace from any outer source. That is very temporary. And there is a negative point also, that you became co-dependent on someone or some situation. That is not healthy for you darling!

So find it within you. Take a control of your life. It’s your life. Stop begging for your happiness.

I am giving you one exercise-

Sit with yourself. Ask yourself. Why you are feeling discomfort? Hold the question until you’ll get the answer. And I tell you secretly that when you ask questions you will get the answer.

Go into deep with this question. Ask the question again & again. Why? How? Is it right? Am I doing justice with my self? Ask…whatever in your mind. Ask… I promise you’ll find the answer.

And when you find the answer, work on it. And sometimes, the solution is only that to do stop focusing on the wrong thing. It’s easy! Right


It has proven scientifically, that music enhances & update your mood immediately. You can take the help of music to relax your mind. because music works on your brain waves level. (it’s not like fake advice and sympathy) Don’t enjoy a bad mood, as I say before. This is your life, and it’s your duty to take control of your life. Do your best as you can.

Music is a very good therapy to balance your mood. Listen to what you like. What makes you happy and uplift your mood. In simple language-Music create happy waves in your mind which release happy hormones. You immediately st

art feeling relaxes, calm & energetic.

Don’t start to listen to sad music. Listen only to what makes you happy.


Please spend some time in nature. Realize it, how powerful it is. Just give a chance to yourself. Do as an experiment for 3 days. Give your 30 min. for a Morning walk & after dinner Night walk.

Let’s Introduce yourself to sunlight and moonlight. They have that power to release your tension & make you relax. It’s a benefit for your health also & your physical health is directly connected to your mental health.

Everything is interconnected.

“Stop giving excuses. Start with small changes. You will feel these small activities are so much powerful.”

PAMPER YOURSELF-Take a Control of Your Life.

Dear, recognize your own worth. You did not take birth to fulfill other’s desires. You are not here to satisfied other’s egos…

Most of the time, you feel low because someone else does not give attention to you, not take care of your feelings, not give so much importance to your emotions.

Why we give the authority to others that they decide our value. Why?

Respect your emotions first. Spend some time with yourself. Put your lovely feet in warm water & feel relax. Make a nice tea or coffee for your own & enjoy that. Take a fresh shower. Were a nice fragrance.  See yourself in a mirror and tell yourself that you are lovely. You should be the most important person in your life.

Improve your self-esteem. Trust me, everything will start within.


Smile Darling, without any reason. Don’t depend on any reason for your own happiness.

Don’t wait for any Hee-Man, that he will come into your life and will take responsibility to make you happy. You don’t need anyone dear. Your heart is full of love. Give this love to your own self. You are the most deserving candidate for it.

smile is a stress relief exercise. Maybe you see it in a park. People doing laughing exercises. Why? Because laughing creates immediately happy hormones.

So laugh dear, smile. You deserve it.

These small changes fill you with confidence. Trust your inner-power that you are bigger than any situation and challenges. See the problem as the opportunity.

Give your best in this lifetime. Don’t perform like a crybaby. Be a warrior.

You have no idea, How Much potential you have within. When you will start doing these small things. The result will like a surprise gift. Trust me…So start Take a control of your life. 

I hope you enjoy my writing. & It will be interesting and useful for you guys. If you really like it. Please share it on social media. kindly leave your comment also. So, I would love to read your views also.


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