“Those, who not relate with your thoughts & actions today, those who play a very sophisticated way try to prove that you are wrong. When they will face rough times in their life, they will try to become like you. They will try to search that strength within them-self, what they already saw in you. So, Shine your light … the world needs it…”

Don’t be shameful of any action, attitude, behavior, or thoughts. It’s not necessary that every human being on this planet should think the same. Of course not, It’s a very funny thing, then why we try to be like someone, prove to someone our point. No need…

So never feel sorry for yourself, your strength is your light, allow to shine yourself…

Listen To Your Inner Calling:

shine your light world need it

Every person is unique in their own way. Don’t compare it with anyone. Whatever they are good or bad in your dictionary. Turn your focus towards you, go within. Listen to your inner calling.

Your every action and thoughts make you unique. Listen to your heart’s desire, ask the way how you will find it. You have infinite intelligence. Even you do not realize yet.

So what, Just have that faith, You will find your real self one day. And you will find it very soon with this hope. Trust me…

You will find peace & calm in a hard time too.

Truth Need To Speak:

Truth does not need to be loud words or soft words. Truth only needs to speak. And Speak with not only through your words, speak with your action, speak with your silence, speak with your eyes, with your attitude, with your whole body.

You need to become your truth itself. You should not look different from it. Your thought and action should be the same.

If love is your truth, become love. If money is your truth, be like Money-magnet. If the relationship is your truth, enjoy your own company. If health is your truth, achieve the highest possible good health for yourself. And when you speak like this everybody will listen.

Go Within & Find Yourself:

shine your light, world need it

Hold the hand of faith that there something is special about you. You want to know that. This thought will give strength to find yourself.

It will create a burning desire within you to search for the most interesting side of yours.

Trust that power who exists everywhere what you can’t see but feel every time, only if you want.

Everything start with Self-Love:

I am not talking about self-obsession. Me me me and only me.. no, not absolutely not. I am talking about real Self-love   & How Self-Love Can Change Your Life Magically. 

Those people who don’t love themselves, How can they understand what true love is? Here I am giving you one exercise to understand what is love exactly?

Open your heart. Listen to the silence. Analyze every thought relate to love. See both the positive and negative sides of it.

And then find out positivity in the so-called negative side what according to you. And do some opposite. Find out some negativity in the so-called positive side what according to you. You will be surprised to know there is nothing positivity & negativity. It’s all the game of mind.

You read something about love, you listen to something about love. And you accept without experiencing it. Love is a very powerful energy, Dear. Which can change your whole world. You don’t need to beg someone for this Or finding a definition in a book. It already within you, because It’s the essence of your soul. So, That’s why you feel an urge for it. &that is your light. Shine your light, the world needs it…

And when you find it you will be surprised. There is no craving, no words, no explanation, no definition. It’s complete itself without anything. It is Love… The Power.

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A Love Letter to You Second Piece of My Heart.

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