Yes, Life is a game. Every obstacle is an exam and Every experience is a lesson. But ultimately these are a blessing for you. And if you take every challenge as a game you have to know how to play.

When life really wants to give you something, first of all, it gives you challenges. Challenges to prove yourself, Your ability, your determination. Some challenges break you some makes you stronger, but how wonderfully you crossed it, That’s matter.

In some cases, blessings come in a very different manner. Like detachment with certain individuals, Missed job or occupation, any illness, and so on. At that point in life perhaps you would not able to comprehend why these things occurred with you. But trust me, when you will cross this “fire ocean“. You will realize how the universe functioned for you. 

life is a game.

Live like a King, Enjoy like a Kid, World is yours,
And Never hesitated to attempt anything.
Similar to I generally said get the experience everything

#ALONE-     I read it somewhere when you start to embrace your loneliness, you star grow. Your intelligence is about to reach that point when achievements and failure dose no matter really. Then only you can say every experience is a success. So, don’t hold back yourself, because It’s smarter to weep for a person or thing to attempt to enhance yourself. Lots of new beginnings & opportunities are waiting for you. Self-love can help you as a key for you. I wrote an article in a very easy language about What is Self-love, and how to apply it in your life. If you want, you can read it, For instance.

life is a game

# BLESSING-    Sometimes it’s being impossible to see reality. because our eyes want to see that which is far from us and only on your liking bases. but life is not created by your liking or disliking. If life is a lesson you have to learn it & If life is a journey you have to travel it. It is a part of it. This is better to understand.

Trust me guys, it becomes blessings for you. That feeling that emotion which you hold back in your heart” or” maybe spend on a wrong person that will be payback. KARMA & DESTINY play their roles. So focus on your good karma. Have faith in GOD & Leave it everything on the UNIVERSE.

life is a game.

# Accept & Expect-  Don’t Expect anything from anyone. But Accept whatever GOD gives you.  Sometime in your journey Universe test your faith & passions. You have to be very clear about it. Remember faith is the only key. Which helps you on this path. Don’t be afraid, The situation will never be the same. It sounds easy but you have to prepare your self completely for it.  For this point, the mindset becomes your key. You have to know how to approach to extend our mindset.  

Like I told you Life is a game so you have to know what is the rules of this game. Yes, there are rules like every game. 

Courage, Honesty, Faith, Belief, Confident, Never give up, Spread Love & Surrender 

You can use these Power as BRAHMASTRA


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