How do we grow in our tough times? Sometimes life gives a very tough experience but when we cross that face, we realize how we grew through those experiences.  What I learned through my experience that keeps smiling even in your tough time. When life really wants to give you something it takes an exam. Challenges come in everybody’s lives. How you face that’s makes you a winner.

” So, what I learned keep smiling in front of every problem, no matter how tough it is. Because tough days also pass away & It has to pass. Nothing is permanent in this universe. Destination will be beautiful, no doubt, but if you really want to make the journey beautiful So smile! You will be proud of yourself. “

Overcome Fear & Realize Your strengthIt’s amazing when we are in a normal situation we usually react very delicately like, I can do this or that, I can’t handle this, I can’t bear this. But when life through any tough situation. We realize that we are so much more powerful than we think. We start doing something that usually we never thought to do. Every time when we cross our fear we analyze new strength &power within, Which gives us more faith.


Understand What We Truly Are How Do We Grow In Our Tough Times

We always see ourselves as a very small being, That’s not true actually. When we realizes our true power things become easy for us. We feel we able to face any situation & overcome it very easy.  We realize that we are strong enough. We are complete within ourselves. Loneliness and fear-related feelings we can easily get over. We started enjoying our own company & Me-Time become the best time of the day. When we sit with ourselves and feel relax &calm. That’s How Do We Grow In Our Tough Times?

Develop New Faith & Hope Whatever I am going through, I only want to share with all of you. So if anyone facing a situation like mine. Don’t give up dear, Hold the hand of faith, develop new hope, It feels like you relax immediately. I am not saying just leave everything on God or Universe &do nothing. but yes faith gives you hope and strength to do anything.


Do Something Better & Different When I talk about this point. One thing you can do better & different, just change your perspective to do the things & see the things. I read somewhere that’s was a very popular quotation- “If you can’t change the situation, just change the perspective.”

And it happens actually when you change your point-of-view, your mindset becomes change gradually. The same situation will not give you that much headache as before. Just start to take things easy, feel peace & calm in the same situation. And the situation will also change gradually. A little bit of awareness is also important to solve every situation. So, just be aware of what goes around you.

In tough times we learn to fight for ourselves, stand for ourselves, realize our true power, Develop trust &hope. Smile in every situation &Be proud of ourselves. So, never afraid of any tough situation. You got a chance to become a better person of yourself. So, Be Grateful for every moment & Do what is love to do. So, we actually do grow in our tough times.


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