“A happy relationship, it’s a desire of everybody. But when it comes to working for it. It seems hard. Why? Why we want to achieve everything without doing the effort. Even you can not eat properly if you not make a bite for yourself. So, why we assume everything would happen automatically without any effort. So, here is the key to a Happy Relationship.”

The relationship is like a plant. You need to take care of it every day. Because when you came into a relationship. Multiple things involve automatically. Like your family, relatives, society, children, money, job, security, expectations and so many other things.

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1- Be home for someone:

What is the mean, of a relationship if you not feel like home with them? If you not feel comfortable in each-other arms. I understand, there are lots of things involved in a relationship with love even. But at the end of the day, With all problems or behind any problem you want peace. Ultimately you want to feel relax on someone’s shoulder. You want somebody like home. So be home for someone.

2-Understand your partner completely:

Marriage is a very sacred relationship. When you both decide to share your life together. The first thing will come to that understanding. Understand your partner’s thought process. How they think, how they feel, what’s the trigger points, their like &dislike. How they imagine their future with you.

These all the things are important for you. Because if multiple things are involved in your relationship, So you have to work in multiple ways. To protect your relationships. Because the relationship is like a wheel and you & your partner are part of it. If you want to make a beautiful relationship. You both need to work together.

3- Discuss your relationship’s strength & weakness:

“Communication is key. If you don’t communicate with someone, How you spend your life with them?”

If you do not agree on some point. Discuss with each other. Talk to them. Silence will not be working here. If you hold anything in your heart, that can create a problem in the future. When we ignore the small thing and about to avid the discussion. It creates a grudge for your partner in your heart.Here Is The Key To A Happy Relationship

Because you already decide that, they will not understand you. How it would be work for long. You can’t bear a calling or the neighbors like this who can’t understand you. So how these thought processes will successfully work in a relationship.

To communicate, I assure you, they will understand because they are there for you. And maybe they have to tell something also. You need to start first. And don’t assume that, the answer should have come that already in your mind.

Talk, understand, share your secrets, wait for an answer, because they have a different mindset, so try to understand their thought process & tell your views. Do not avoid it, it’s the most important. And then make a solution with peace of mind. No matter what output comes. Mind it, it’s not a battle to lose or win.

It’s your life with your life partner. Make it beautiful together. Discuss your relationship’s strengths & weaknesses. And when you communicate like this you both will get the opportunity to know each other well. So make more interesting every conversation. Make some coffee, go for a walk, hold hands together, and then you will see, those things seemed like a burden before, that converts into a healthy chat. It will become the most interesting part of your life. It is The Key To A Happy Relationship

“Take your life seriously, don’t act like other’s act, otherwise the same thing will happen what happens with others. If you want to make it special do some special effort.”

4-Two sides of the same coin:Here Is The Key To A Happy Relationship

Feel it, partners are always two sides of the same coin. Without one the other one is incomplete. Don’t run in other directions with your ego. If you don’t want to break your relationship leave

your ego behind. You will look awesome when you together.

In a relationship, you can’t be doing everything single-handedly. You both are the strength of each other. That is the fragrance of this relationship. It’s like teamwork. that is the key to a Happy Relationship.

“If you want your relationship smell like a flower always, so keep it fresh always”


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