What is Self-Love? and How you can apply in your life? It’s the most beautiful feeling of this world. When you understand this once, you will never fall in love in-fact you will always rise in love &love should be like that “Magical”.

Know the truth, Whenever love knocks your door, it always start with self love. I saw so many people are struggling with this. Because they don’t give so important of them-self. They think it’s selfish thinking & On the other hand, A Group of people thinks whatever I am, as I am, I need to accept myself completely, It’s called self-love. that is also a very tiny part of the meaning of self-love.

So let’s jump to the topic, here I am going to divide this topic into 3 sections. Which are Mind, Body, and Soul? It will make it easy to understand for you what is self-love?

What is the real Self-Love

MINDSo how you could apply self-love on mind label?

Strengthen your mind and act humble”

Our mind acts, based on total & only information. As the information we upload in our mind, our mind reacts upon it. So disciplined your mind.

  1. Read books
  2. Stop comparing 
  3. Be the real you
  4. Find your passion and act upon it 
  5. Believe in yourself
  6. Don’t prove anybody to anything.

Always believe that you are worthy. You’re 100% deserve whatever you want in your life so, just work on it honestly.

Self-Love is the most important thing in life, ultimately Love is life. When you find love within, who gonna be a stop to you to enjoy life completely?

BODY  Your body listen to you. it response as you act, so give love. Take good care of your-self, Do exercise, Pamper yourself, Hug yourself, Eat healthy, Drink enough water as much your body need. 

People say I love my-self but they eat pizza, lasagna, Ice Cream, macaroni, cake pastry, samosa, and many other fried food. Don’t waste your time, money, and energy in these stupid things. it’s one life after all. You can’t give this excuse to your-self. Do you know extra weight is the cause of so many illnesses? and only one-hour exercise or yoga can protect your body. If you really love your-self, Take care of yourself.

What is the real Self-Love

” Self-Care is true Self-Love.”

The body needs care, If you really love yourself you should start caring about yourself. Don’t put junk in your body. Healthy food give us a Healthy brain, & that positive vibe will energize your personality.

Your mind works properly. Whatever you are doing in your life right now. Either study, business, job, self-work, or if you are a housewife. It will boost your energy label. Good food does not only give you great Health but it gives you a great mind also.

” Self-Love is the key to a happier life. “

SOUL:  Be mindful, be your-self, sometimes life gives you a chance to know your-self better, to analyze yourself better, to Create yourself better. recognize this opportunity. work on it. sometimes life teaches us, that we are the most important in our life. because everything starts point is within, so we can not ignore ourselves.

Love yourself makes your priority. Choose this first, this is not a selfish thing. when you start loving yourself you will see your mind get to relax, your soul gets in peace. because this is the basic nature of your soul. that’s how we can grow.

It’s OK to lose people. but never lose yourself”- Gautama Buddha“.

Imagine this quotation, it’s so deep. Self-love is a realization that you are good enough, and when you realize it, your soul became heal automatically.

You can say that on a Mind label discipline is the key, on Body label care is the key, and on the Soul label understanding is the right key. And these all come from the right kind of information. So stop putting junk in your mind.

So here is my definition about What is the real Self-Love ?

I hope you will enjoy my writing & it will be helpful and interesting for you guys.


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