Sometimes It’s become hard to maintain personal space with our relatives, friends, office staff, &family also. We don’t want to be rude, we don’t want to get angry or absent and even don’t want to hurt somebody But during these things we need to maintain our personal space also. In 24/7hours we can’t live for friends &family. We need some time for ourselves also.  We deserve our time & as you listen maybe it’s important to maintain personal space for every relationship to keep happy.                  

Be Personalize Be Private

It does not mean you should be rude or too much reserved, Not at all. It only means you have to respect your personal space also. To only become friendly you should not ignore your privacy. Everything should be in moderation in life. Don’t be egoistic, don’t be too reserved, make balance. Mind it, friends &family get closer only that much, how much you allow.

Sometimes we react over friendly &after some time we try to maintain some distance, don’t do that. Always respect your own space, analyze how much you want to share with others & keep in mind that don’t hurt other’s feelings also. So, maintain space from starting point, whatever  & how much you want.

Don’t Be OverfriendlyMaintain Personal Space

Everyone has a different personality. Someone has 500 friends on Facebook only and on the other hand, somebody has only 2 or 3 friends in real life. So it’s up to you actually. Some people like it when they connect with lots of people & some like to become reserved & private. There is no such one kind of rule. Go with your Personality & likeness. But Yes! Don’t be overfriendly. sometimes, It’s become cheap & irritable for others also. Maintain space in a healthy way. 

Personal Boundaries  Make some personal boundaries, Respect your own rules, thoughts, decision. Don’t change to impress somebody or just become a part of any crowd. If something is not good for you, Learn to say no. Respect your own space. Maintaining personal boundaries is a healthy habit. It protects you from hurt & disrespect. 

Personal Boundaries do not mean you should cut-off with society but it only means you should understand your own value& and those who come in your contact have to treat you with respect. You are not available for only time pass for them. Without self-love, You don’t understand it completely. You have to understand first, What Is Self-Love? & How Self Love Can Change Your Life Magically? And after know Self-Love, It will become easy that how to maintain personal space in every relationship?

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